Explaining the Solar Energy Market

How Nonprofits Can Benefit from Clean Energy Incentives

Organizations are installing solar more than ever because 10+% returns on investment are still achievable. In addition, environmental benefits are continuing to grow. Nonprofits and public institutions are no exception, and want to reduce their carbon footprint while cutting energy costs. How can these organizations take advantage of clean energy ...

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Community Solar and Microgrids

Renewable energy development seems to change faster than it can be developed. Solar energy is no exception. New methods are driven by both incentives provided for investing in and consuming solar power, as well as the increased desire to be more environmentally friendly. Two of these new solar development techniques ...

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New SMART Program

The Massachusetts Department of Energy  Resources (DOER) designed a new solar program, called the Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target program (SMART). SMART eliminates and replaces the Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SREC) Program, which operated as a tradable commodity that fluctuated based on market conditions. SREC II reached its capacity target of 1,600 ...

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