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FireFlower Alternative Energy

At FireFlower Alternative Energy, we know that many companies in the United States have a significant appetite for renewable energy products but struggle to find an appropriate partner to help navigate the complexities of the market.  We create turnkey renewable energy projects for mid-size companies, organizations, and municipalities in the northeastern United States, targeting solar PV installations in the 100kW to 2MW range.


Combining real estate and investment savvy with an in-depth understanding of the solar market, we tailor our role to fit the needs of your organization and will act in any capacity, ranging from investor, to developer, to consultant. The sooner that we connect, the sooner that FireFlower can begin to formulate a customized plan for your company that will harness the available financial incentives, so try out our capacity calculator and contact us today!

Solar For The Future
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The Founder
About the founder

Kathleen C. Doyle founded FireFlower Alternative Energy in 2008. With over twenty years of experience in the commercial real estate market, first as a broker, and later as a founding partner of GVA Thompson Doyle, Ms. Doyle combines expertise in permitting, siting, and structuring complex real estate transactions with sourcing the financial resources crucial to every successful solar photovoltaic project.

Although GVA Thompson Doyle was started at the depth of the real estate recession in the early 1990s, the company grew to be recognized as the largest woman-owned commercial real estate firm in Massachusetts. An active entrepreneur with a passion for sustainable living, Ms. Doyle notes that her family’s transportation is fueled by 100% biodiesel from waste vegetable oil and that a PV system supplies almost all of the total electric demand at home. The Doyle family was also the first to propose a residential wind turbine in Milton.

Ms. Doyle has been an active member of Entrepreneurs' Organization for the past 22 years, and serves as a mentor for the Veteran Business Owners Association (VBOI). She is also a former member of the Board of Directors for Sustainable Milton, where she continues to participate on a variety of efforts.

Kathy Doyle, CEO and Founder | Phone: 617-529-8805

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Why FireFlower?
Why FireFlower
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